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Praise for Owl’s Dream

Owl’s Dream is about the intimate connections, private dialogue and open-hearted wonder children share with the natural world. Each poem invites the reader into the realm of timelessness and delicate discovery. We are reminded of the colours, textures, tiny patterns and soft embrace of our natural world – a world we tend to leave behind as we become busy adults. Welcome yourself back into the soothing arms of one world created for all, into the splendour of all things, be they large or small.
Anne Davis, Director and Owner of Port Washington Montessori Pre-school

Fun and magic for the whole family!
The Islands Independent

Owl’s Dream is a joyful journey into a land of expression where our differences spark Oneness as we speak from our hearts.
Jan Albertin, Artist

Delightful! And so much love!
Barbara Stowe, Dancer, Former Instructor Vancouver Children’s Circus “Cirkids”,
Creative Writing Teacher, Langara College

Owl’s Dream manages to blend serious wisdom with a palatable sense of joy and playfulness. I surrendered eagerly to being carried away by it’s beauty and insights to a delightful world of nature.
Elizabeth Scalice, Owner of Architectural Salvage of San Diego, Grandmother, Environmentalist
These simple truths transport me to a time when life was a lot simpler – a time in my childhood when I believed I could fly and all the animals did talk to me, along with the fairies and angels, of course.
Shakeira Wynde, Creatrix, Healer, Artist

Interactive. Provocative. Theatrical. What a sheer delight to be taken to the world of a child and be surrounded by imagination, creativity and joy!
Ann Coombs, Life Coach, Writer

Owl’s Dream offers a delightful opportunity to see life from the eyes of those wonderful creatures around us!
Kathryn Nimetz, Pampered Pets All-Natural Pet Supplies

Through her rhythmic prose, Valentina Atton brings to life the fellowship between human beings and nature’s creatures, sparking and awakening the senses with her descriptive representations. As an educator of young children I appreciate the endless possibilities for teachable moments, language development and programming designed to help connect children with nature.
Colleen Carpenter, Early Childhood Educator

What a gorgeous, lush, vivid work of art! The illustrations are outstanding.
Renee Layberry, Freelance Editor, Writer

Owl’s Dream tickles all our senses and invites us back into the magical world of the child, were everything is possible. It is an honour to be witnessing the unfolding of this beautiful creation and gift to the world.
Sharon Slaney, Herbalist, Nurse, New Moon Women’s Circle Leader

In Owl’s Dream we learn to connect with animals, insects, plants, and their habitats through the eyes of a child – both up close and from the infinite perspective. Readers of all ages will delight in Valentina Atton’s poignant poems and Sophia Johnson’s magical illustrations which will prompt them to spend many hours visiting and revisiting these precious pages.
Brigitte Prochaska, Mother, Emergency Program Coordinator, Film/TV Unit Publicist

Owl’s Dream offers inspiration for anyone looking to produce an uplifting community or school play, with many parts to suit any ability and comfort level, both on and off stage. The poems inspire music, dance, acting, sounds, and simple, effective and affordable sets and costumes. This book is a blueprint for bringing a community together to create a joyful bonding experience.
Owl’s Dream is a wonderful resource for caregivers, parents, and teachers. It invites us to more closely observe the creatures we share our world with. Although the animals are anthropomorphized at times, they are based on careful authentic and insightful observations. As a Nanny, I will read Owl’s Dream , or individual poems, as a prelude to an outing together. After reading the Dragonfly poem, I can take the children to a lake or wetland to sit quietly and listen together for the sound of dragonfly wings. Swish…s-s-s-s-s. We can look into the eyes of a dragonfly, just as the child in the poem does.
Owl’s Dream is full of joy and humour and an affirmation of love for our animal and insect neighbours. I was deeply touched to read feelings I have never articulated within the poems. This book isn’t just for kids, but for all of us.
Karin Campbell, Mother, Nanny, Lover of Nature

When one steps back for a moment from the hardness of concrete and the coldness of technology and considers the compelling draw of nature and our soul’s yearning for communion, we understand – if we are the least bit willing – that we are truly interconnected with all beings; we are, in reality, one with nature, and any sense of separation from nature is an issue of perspective and illusion.
Owl’s Dream by Valentina Atton has been boldly and intuitively created as a representation of the joy, beauty, and healing that comes from flowing unhindered in this connection and communion. Coming from a quietly animistic perspective, the author has powerfully tapped into the universally recognized tendency of children to identify with non-human creatures, great and small. Through the ancient art of wordplay, rhythm, and rhyme, Owl’s Dream ushers readers of all ages – whether children by chronological age or children at heart – into a sacred space where poetry and imagery are played in lyrical time with the beat of the heart and the dreamscape of the imagination.
Atton’s writing is evocative of a cantabile. While there is rhythm and rhyme, there is nothing staccato about the structure of the poetry – though there is just enough form and direction to maintain a sense of journey, like a leaf being carried gently on the surface of a stream.
Renee Layberry, Freelance Editor, Writer

This enchanting little book is a playful celebration of a child’s perception of nature. The poetic whimsy of Owl’s Dream reminds us that all creatures great and small have a message to share if we would just stop, look and listen. We are encouraged to enter the stillness of the moment as a child would, with curiosity and joy, and experience the pleasure of connection to the matrix.
Yvonne MacKenzie, Poet, Early Childhood Educator,
Former Director of BC Canadian International Pre-school