art work by Sofia Johnsonart work by Sofia Johnson1Dear Reader!

As you read or simply leaf through the pages of this book,
you will find joy and playfulness blended with timeless wisdom.
It is my belief that children intuitively know and understand
our interconnectedness and our relationship to the Universe.
Here are some thoughts and words about the universe
that appears in Owl’s Dream.


Nobody really knows how it all started…
although there are many theories.
Most astronomers and quantum physicists believe
the Universe began with a Big Bang
roughly 14 billion years ago.


In a fraction of a second the Universe grew
from smaller than a single atom,
to larger than a galaxy
and has kept on growing at a fantastic rate.
In fact, it is still expanding today!

The Universe contains billions of galaxies,
each containing millions or billions of stars.
The galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way.
It is a spiral galaxy, shaped like a huge whirlpool,
full of stardust, gas and more than 100 billion stars.

Our Solar System – one of many in the Milky Way –
is made up of the Sun and the planets, Earth and Saturn,
Venus and Mars, to name a few.

We live on such beautiful planet – the Earth!

The Sun, our closest star, provides the heat and light
needed to maintain life on our planet.
The Moon, a satellite of the Earth, does not emanate its own light,
but rather reflects the light of the Sun.

When you look at a full moon
you can see the shadow of Moon’s mountains

forming the figure of a man
we call “the Man in the Moon.”

Here on planet Earth we have air to breathe,
water to drink and land to grow food.
And we share our planet
with many beautiful plants and animals!

When animals (mammals) give birth, they produce milk,
enough for not only their babies but for us humans too.
We drink milk from cows just as calves do,
making us all milk siblings!

Plants breathe in
what humans and animals breathe out (carbon dioxide).
And humans and animals breathe in
what plants breathe out (oxygen).

We are all connected.
We are all part of this great Oneness.

The universal field of energy
that connects everything in this world
is called the Divine Matrix.

You can research to find out about Quantum Physics, Divine Matrix,
Morphic Resonance and other theories about our Universe.

Or you can find all the knowledge within you!

Just close your eyes and stay still for a few moments.
Feel the warmth of the sun on your cheeks.
Listen to all of the sounds around you and within you.
Become aware of your precious breath.
Breathe in… Breathe out…

Sense the divine life essence in you…
in all other human beings
in all animals and plants
in the rocks, stardust,
planets and galaxies…
in green moss, in green leaves,
above and beneath…
in every living thing
in All That Is

are all
in this
of the divine presence,
representing Universal Consciousness
here on Earth
in time/space reality



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