big_20In Owl’s Dream, many animals large and small come to us, one by one, to share their stories.

We are inspired by these joyful creatures, who wish to carry us on a wonderful journey through our imaginations and the world of Nature.

Owl’s Dream teaches child and reader that when you open your heart to see, hear and understand ALL beings around you, life can be full of magic and wonder!

In this book, various animals speak to your child. As you read, you serve as the co-creator of your child’s experience. The more you use your imagination to step into the character of each animal, the closer you will be to its spirit.


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A Note to Parents and Educators

We suggest you do not announce the titles of the poems –
let the child recognize the animal based  on Owl’s introductions before each poem
and our colour-coded fonts for the animals.
Wear animal masks, ears, or antennae to embody the characters
you will become in the child’s imagination, as well as to make your reading more fun.
If you wish, replace the terms of endearment indicated by the


with your child’s name
to create an intimate connection
between child and animal.
Encourage your child to learn the poems by heart
and perform them for family and friends.
Owl’s Dream can easily be staged as a play.
After working with these poems in many joyful ways,
don’t be surprised if the poet in your child is revealed!
Just ask your child to tell a story
from the perspective of an animal that is not in this book
and then encourage, listen, and cheer.
You will be amazed by what you hear!
Have fun!

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