11694770_803602603091115_1012605880672013033_nTo Valentina Atton – Writer, Director, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Mistress,
Props Mistress, Prompt, Stage Crew and above all Mentor and Inspiration
So … The Hottest Day of the Year … The Hottest Part of the Day …
Nothing, absolutely Nothing deters you. Your Drive, your Energy your
Dedication takes you through with Flying Colours. Another production
of Owl’s Dream in the trickiest of venues.
Thank you for letting me Fly with you. Thank you for just being you,
attracting so many talented people into your creative circle.
Congratulations on the show. Congratulations on the book it is lovely.
Your ever loving Flamenco – Tango – Flamingo – Megan Fisher

I LOVED your play…. everyone looked so happy to be involved — they were
all having SO much fun !!
and the costumes were so so superb….!!! did you dream all those up ?!!!
what a great idea to do a play based on your book… and Malcolm’s costume I liked a lot..
Isn’t Fehrgus the cutest little bambino?~ love ’em all !
You are SUCH a talented lady…
Judy Van Loon, grandmother, book lover

Fun and magic for the whole family!
The Islands Independent

Owl’s Dream show was quite a spectacle, very creative, colourful and moving.
It was aimed at kids (and the “young at heart”) but everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Half of the island seemed to be involved in some capacity, and Valentina incorporated dance, poetry, theatre, dream imagery, music, audience participation…It was quite impressive! At the end of the show she led the audience outside to see live butterflies being released and share a snack.
Lisa Fleming, Ptarmigan Music and Theatre Society Executive Director

Valentina, you must be walking on air after putting on such a successful production of your book! The actors, the costumes, the poems, the love emanating from your heart – and your words. It all worked together to be a delightful time!
Shirley Arthur, Retired Teacher, Owl’s Dream Early Childhood Education Consultant,
Owl’s Dream Production Front House

What a stupendous performance! You really made your book come alive and the costumes were extravagantly beautiful. Congratulations on a very successful production!
Kathleen Resvick, Retired Teacher, Solstice Theatre Actress/Director

Congratulations Valentina on the production of the Owl’s Dream. It is a shining example of your talent and the obviously respect and love that so many gifted people on Pender have for you. Well done!
Linda and Stan Oglov, Business & Art

Very whimsical, so delightful to both watch and dress up! I loved especially the diversity of ages. What fun – all those animals – many fun memories, thanks everyone.
Well done, all!
Mary Reher, Musician, Composer, Music Therapist,
Flute Playing Butterfly