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Joyful Wonder Kid's Press is a boutique publishing company based on beautiful Pender Island, BC Canada.

  We create m ultimedia presentations for children and the young-at-heart to inspire joyful wonder and play through poetry, wordplay, visual imagery and theatrical performance as a blueprint that brings community together.

We are proud to present our first publication, Owl's Dream, by Valentina Atton, which invites us to come more into the moment and observe those creatures with whom we share our world.

Join us in this dreamscape of the imagination, where poetry and imagery are played in lyrical time with the beat of your heart!

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In this book, various animals speak to your child. As you read, you serve as the co-creator of your child’s experience. The more you use your imagination to step into the character of each animal, the closer you will be to its spirit.

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Sofia Johnson

Visual artist, swimmer, traveler and dreamer, grew up under the vast sky
of the Alberta prairies.
Since completing her Fine Arts Diploma in Edmonton at Grant MacEwan University, she has been working in a variety of different mediums inspired by her nomadic lifestyle. Owl’s Dream is her illustrating debut.

Valentina Atton

Aromatherapist and writer from Pender Island,
former artistic director of amateur theatre for both kids and families,
children’s festival organizer,
face painter,
set decorator,
magic creator,
butterfly lover….
is sharing with you “Owl’s Dream”,
her first book,
that was merrily dreamed and cloud-watched – in joy!